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2000s-era WRC logo

The Mighty Wisconsin Rugby Club was established in 1962. From the onset, the WRC founders invested in the foundation of American rugby. Traveling to college towns and metropolitan areas to form ruby clubs across the Midwest, WRC founders played an instrumental role in the development of rugby in the USA. Coming into the start of a new century, the Wisconsin Rugby Club won its first USA Rugby National Championship in 1998, followed by recent championship runs in 2008 settling at 3rd place, runner up in 2012, National Championship in 2013, and runner up in 2015. 

The Wisconsin Ruby Club continues to strive to be at the top of nation in 15s, and will continue to build a presence in the 7s national circuit. WRC active players and alumni support the greater Madison area through community outreach and volunteer coordination with major events outside of the rugby community. The WRC also boasts a 7-acre two-field rugby-exclusive complex which hosts multiple national tournaments, summer 7s events, and weekly training sessions for in-season players. 

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